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January 25, 2006, 1:46 am
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No Silver Lining in Iraq

Our newest contributor, Salam Adil, doesn’t find much reason for optimism from Iraqi bloggers assessing their country after the elections. The current government is compared to Saddam’s, exiled Iraqi’s in Dubai are becoming more extremist, and utility services throughout the country remain undependable according to several Iraqi bloggers.

New in Nigeria

David Ajao takes a broad survey of Nigeria’s weblogs including two who focus this week on the lack of infrastructure in the oil-rich Niger Delta region. Both bloggers see the centralized consolidation arising from corrupt governance and corporate greed.

Bangalore or Bengaluru?

Searching through South Asia’s spiderweb of blogs, Kamla Bhatt points out a fierce online debate over whether the “Silicon Valley of Southern India,” currently Bangalore, should change its name to Bengaluru as is planned. At least one blogger says India’s addiction to updating place-names must stop.

The Race to Wire Brazil

MIT’s $100 laptop has some proprietary competition in Brazil according to polyglot Patrick Hall. Translating excerpts from several Brazilian blogs, Hall finds that Microsoft’s pay-per-use computer plan is, so far, more popular than open source alternatives despite the fact that a blogger has shown it is typically twice as expensive.

Bad news for Haitian democracy, prophetic letdown in Kenya, a Taiwanese government guide to picking up local girls for foreigners, the medicinal uses of leeches in Poland, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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