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January 30, 2006, 2:18 am
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Introduction to Ukrainian Blogosphere

The English-language blogosphere in Ukraine has greatly diversified since the November and December 2004 Orange Revolution says Veronica Khokhlova. Her introduction to Ukraine’s blogging community offers an excellent doorstep not only into the political punditry heating up the campaign season, but also less political commentators such as a visiting Fulbright fellow researching online marriage agencies.

WSF Bamako – What it means for Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa Editor, Sokari Ekine explains the significance of holding part of this year’s World Social Forum in Bamako, Mali. Unfortunately, few bloggers covered the forum and even fewer attended, but from those who did, an unproductive spirit of anti-Americanism seemed to pervade the gathering of social activists.

Not Everyone’s Festival

Colombian journalist, Efraim Medina Reyes explains his new project, “No Hay Festival;” an online documentary of Cartagena’s “dark side” during the illustrious and costly literary gathering, “Hay Festival.”

Year of the Dog

We have entered the year of the dog according to the Chinese lunar calendar and Frank Dai has a thorough rundown of what Chinese bloggers have to say about it. Make sure not to miss the mouth-watering photos of the traditional Chinese banquet or the English translation of Luo Yonghao’s New Year’s wishes.

New Awareness in Caracas

Complementing Sokari Ekine’s post on the World Social Forum in Mali, Venezuelan contributor, Iria Puyosa, sums up the buzz coming from the sister event taking place in Caracas. The majority of conference attendees complained about the lack of organization while forum protesters spoke out against economic state intervention.

Global Melting Pot

Chef Melissa De Leòn Douglass keeps readers hungry again this week with another trip around the world’s food blogs. Her encyclopedic knowledge of world cuisine is on display with culinary posts this week from Guyana, China, India, the Galapagos Islands and more.

Turkey is Typing…

Deborah Ann Dilley dips briefly into the Turkish blogosphere and finds “We Are The Turks,” a new blog dedicated to spotlighting prominent Turks in American business and society.

Posts in Pakistan

Humorous as always, Omer Alvie reports from Pakistan that a new weblog, “” has been launched with over 90 contributing writers.

New Awareness in Caracas

East Asia Editor, Jose Manuel Tesoro reminds readers that what is usually referred to as “Chinese New Year” is, in fact, celebrated throughout Asia. Linking to bloggers from Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Cambodia, he shows that the Year of the Fire Dog was brought in with international cheer.

A book collection campaign for Mosul University in Iraq, the potential end to free internet in Armenia, reactions to Hamas’ win in Palestine, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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