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February 1, 2006, 2:13 am
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Boy Scout Bloggers in Chile

Chilean contributor, Rosario Lizana highlights Scouts groups using weblogs as information portals and spaces of dialogue between volunteer Scout leaders and parents.

African Hip-Hop

Obi Orjiekwe is back with another outstanding summary of Africa’s music blogs. If you’re clueless about Kenyan and Senegalese hip-hop, there’s no better time than now to read up and listen to some sample tracks.

A Cambodian Blogger in Japan

Seserak grew up just an hour’s drive from Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh, but in 2002 his life changed when he received a scholarship from the Japanese government to study law in Osaka. Learn more about this impressive and eloquent expat, law student, and poet in Beth Kanter’s interview.

Iranian Bus Drivers Call for Strike

Farid Pouya maintains his ever-present thumb on the pulse of the Middle East with a detailed account of an Iranian bus drivers’ union using blogs to voice their outcry against working conditions. Pouya also compiles reactions to Hossein Derakhshan’s peace journey to Israel where he is encouraging improved bi-lateral relations between Iran and Israel.

English Translations from Peru

Peruvian contributor, Juan Arellano has been petitioning his country’s bloggers to translate selected posts into English for a global audience. This week he digs deep into Peru’s blogosphere, highlighting those that were translated into English including two risqué posts entitled “Noisy” and “Anonymous.” Make sure to also check out what Peruvian bloggers have to say about upcoming leftist presidential candidate, Ollanta Humala.

Caribbean Single Market Ratified

Caribbean Editor, Georgia Popplewell laments the scant blog coverage of yesterday’s historic ratification of the Caribbean Single Market in Jamaica. Of the first six full-member countries, only bloggers from Jamaica and Guyana commented on the event, but that does not discount their worthwhile perspectives on Caribbean economic integration.

Introduction to Central Asia and the Caucasus

Ben Paarmann commences his first contribution to Global Voices with a thorough introduction to the blogging community of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Whether it’s dodging snowballs in Georgia, learning to cope with below-freezing temperatures in Kazakhstan, or hip-hop in Armenia and Uzbekistan, this post has something for everyone.

Flooding in Mozambique, rent control in the Philippines, hope for a freer Chinese press in the Year of the Dog, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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