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February 2, 2006, 2:13 am
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Global Voices Online – Feb. 2, 2006

Islam and the Law in Morocco

It’s now 1427 in Morocco according to the the Islamic Calendar and while most Moroccan bloggers write dejectedly about their nation’s loss in the African Cup of Nations 2006 football tournament, Farah Kinani points out an interesting debate between two sets of bloggers about the role of Islamic law in contemporary society.

Reacions to African Union Summit in Sudan

Wrapping up commentary on the 6th annual African Union Summit in Sudan, Nigerian blogger, Chippla Vandu reports that most African bloggers are content with the compromise which elected Republic of Congo president, Denis Sassou Nguesso over that of Sudan’s controversial head of state as the Union’s chairperson. Several bloggers, however, remain upset that the summit took place in Sudan at all, given the country’s human rights abuses in the Darfur region.

Evo’s First Week in Bolivia

Evo Morales’ new administration has been hard at work during its first week in charge of the country. Former coca farmer turned national drug czar, Felipe Cáceres wants to focus on ending narcotrafficking rather than coca growing, rumors surround the nationalization of Bolivia’s hydrocarbons, and the states of Santa Cruz and Tarija want to develop oil reserves. Eduardo Avila helps readers navigate the issues as he summarizes the reactions of Bolivian bloggers.

Iraq’s Alpa Bloggers Battle it Out

One does not know whether to laugh or cry as Iraqi contributor, Salam Adil matches up alpha bloggers, Salam Pax and Mohammed of Iraq the Model in a prizefight of pessimism towards the future of their country. As Salam Pax steps on Mohammed’s silver lining, it is Baghdad Dweller who reminds the dueling combatants that Western democracy does not automatically equate to stability and happiness.

Muslim identity in Indian Cinema, a stinging critique from Trinidad & Tobago’s former Junior Queen of Carnival, an interview with a legendary Pol Pot propagandist and portrait painter, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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