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February 6, 2006, 1:43 am
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Global Voices Online – Feb. 6, 2006

South Asia: Reacting to the Danish Cartoons Controversy

South Asia Editor, Neha Viswanathan gathers regional reactions to the now infamous, inflammatory Danish cartoons and finds some consensus that the Muslim community should ignore that which they find offensive.

History of Mexican Blogs

Mexican contributing writer, Alan Flores believes that was the first weblog in Spanish. In interviews with some of Mexico’s earliest bloggers, he records the country’s evolution in online publishing from the old school Geocities to the extensive weblog communities which exist today.

First Ever Bangladeshi Bloggers Meetup

The first Bangladeshi Bloggers Meetup took place on Saturday with the attendance of around 20 participants. Rezwan was there and offers links to bloggers who dissected the event. Also, make sure not to miss the pros and cons of Bangladesh’s booming soap operas.

The Way to a Lover’s Heart

Chef Melissa De Leòn Douglass continues to make stomachs rumble with another digest of the world’s most delectable recipes. Whether it’s learning how to make pisto from Spain or num anksom cheik from Cambodia, this post can help you rope in that special person for Valentine’s Day.

Arab Reactions to Cartoons

Thanks to the painstaking translation work by Middle East & North Africa Editor, Haitham Sabbah, readers are able to hear directly from Arab bloggers regarding their reactions to the Danish cartoons and the protests which have followed. An absolute must-read for anyone wanting to better understand the Arab community’s intense reactions.

Hungry Zimbabwean Millionaires

Becoming a millionaire in Zimbabwe is one step easier since the introduction of a new 50,000 dollar note. Sadly, Zim Pundit comments that the new note is not enough to buy even a loaf of bread. For more news from one of the world’s most ignored regions, check out the entire post which covers new technology in Malawi to track AIDS, infant mortality in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and much more.

Displacing thousands by damming the Salween River , Bolivia’s new president upset by a persistent reporter, more censored books in Iran, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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