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February 13, 2006, 1:34 am
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Global Voices Online – Feb. 14, 2006

Bahrain: Blood, Sex and Incarceration

Copulating parakeets, celebrating Ashurah by cutting one’s scalp, and Michael Jackson’s exit all figure into Mahmood Al-Yousif’s summary of the Bahraini blogosphere. At least one blogger is worried by the fact that Bahrain’s main daily paper is now highlighting blog content.

Chilean Bloggers Making Faces

A Chilean artist/blogger named Beatriz was impressed by the close connections that bloggers make online without ever meeting face to face. That realization inspired her to invite bloggers to a free weekly workshop where they express themselves by making ceramic masks which somehow represent them. Chilean contributor, Rosario Lizana summarizes the overwhelmingly positive reactions and opinions of participants.

Kenyan Bloggers on Corruption Report

Kenyans remain captivated by a recent report on corruption made public by an anti-graft official, which implicates several high-level politicians. Juliana R helps readers dissect what Kenyan bloggers are saying about the controversy and finger-pointing.

Nepal’s Democracy Movement Needs Money

Global Voices’ newest contributor, Paramendra Bhagat summarizes the latest coming out of Nepal’s active blogosphere including a video of demonstrators being hosed down by police.

Afghan Whispers

With his eyes on Afghanistan, Farid Pouya presents the viewpoints of three bloggers on the Afghanistan Compact, Danish cartoons, and the tragedy of an Iranian immigrant.

Cambodian sign language, midwifing in Malawi, making Carnival costumes in Trinidad, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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