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February 28, 2006, 12:43 am
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Global Voices Online – Feb. 28, 2006

The Week in Kenyan Blogs

Who knew? Kenya’s bloggers discuss high school rugby with near-religious reverence. One blogger says goodbye, another has returned with a vivid account of a trip to the Kenya-Uganda border, and Kenyan Pundit says that 100 scholarships will be made available for a TED global conference to be held in Arusha, Tanzania in June of 2007. All this and more in Juliana R’s comprehensive summary of Kenyan bloggers.

Pedophiles in Poland

Seventeen pedophiles were arrested in Poland as part of a larger, global internet child porn sting which began in Spain. Jordan Seidel commences his Global Voices involvement from Poland with a recap of an online debate over whether or not simply viewing the images should also be considered criminal. Also discussed: brain drain and disagreement over the country’s finest city.

Politics and Nostalgia in El Salvador

Local elections are just two weeks away in El Salvador and Tim Muth is on top of what both Spanish and English-language bloggers have to say about the close race between the country’s main two parties, ARENA and the FMLN. For the politically disinclined, don’t miss the newly updated photo-blogs at the end of Muth’s post.

Iraq in Crisis – The Optimists Strike Back

Salam Adil continues his consistent coverage of the sectarian crisis in Iraq caused by last week’s bombing of the Al Askari mosque. The apparent consensus is that cries of impending civil war were premature, inflammatory, and irresponsible.

Afghan Whispers

Farid Pouya weighs in with excerpts from two Afghan bloggers; the first who implores foreign forces to remain in Afghanistan to bolster the country’s security and the second who has a difficult time understanding laws in some European countries that criminalize the act of doubting the holocaust’s historicity.

The part-Christian, part-Pagan, and pre-Easter Russian holiday of Maslyanitsa, photo feature of renewed violence in Nepal, Jamaica’s first female Prime Minister, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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