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March 13, 2006, 1:06 am
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Global Voices Online – Mar. 13, 2006

Interview with Nasrin Alavi

Nasrin Alavi is the author of the much-praised book “We Are Iran,” which presents readers with common and recurring topics from the Iranian blogosphere since its 2001 inception. Interviewed by Farid Pouya, Alavi emphasizes that the gains by Iran’s progressive movement are at risk by external threats of regime change.

First Woman President in Chile

Chile’s first female president was officially inaugurated this past weekend to much international and domestic fanfare says Rosario Lizana. See her post for five translated excerpts from Chilean bloggers reacting to the historical event.

Turkey is Cooking …

Have you had your simit with örgü peyniri yet? Sucuk with your eggs? Or if you have a sweet tooth, maybe it’s time for kadayıf? Check out Deborah Ann Dilley’s latest account of the Turkish blogosphere to find out what all the stomach-rumbling is about.

Swedish Blogs on “Eastern Europe”

Eastern Europe’s blogosphere is still in its adolescence says Vilhelm Konnander, but, as it turns out, quite a few Swedish bloggers are heavily interested in the region. One of the few writing in English is none other than former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bild who has recently had lots to say about the way the International Criminal Tribunal handled the case against Milosevic in light of his recent death.

Syrian Blogsphere in a Week

Yazan Badran gives us another weekly dispatch from Syria, which last week experienced a flurry of political protest marking the 43rd anniversary of the the Baath Party coup which began the one-party governance that continues today. Hear what Syrian bloggers have to say about this year’s opposition activities.

The Lebanese Bloggers this Week

Last week’s skepticism by Lebanese bloggers about the much-hyped National Dialogue turned out to be unfortunately clairvoyant reports Mustapha. While the political feuding prompted some bloggers to analyze what went wrong, another simply wanted to escape to the movie theater. That’s when he found out that “3 of 5 Movies nominated for the Best picture Oscar will not be shown in Lebanese movie theaters. One for Homophobia, one for Zionophobia, and one for Islamopyrophobia.”

Video Montage Honoring Independence Day

After having been colonized by the Dutch, French, and British, the island nation of Mauritius gained its independence on March 12, 1968. To commemorate the day, Andy Carvin has produced a video montage of his trip there in July of 2004. The video includes a clip of Mauritius’ national dance and music, the sega.

Much more from around the world can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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