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March 15, 2006, 2:22 am
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Global Voices Online – Mar. 15, 2006

Iran’s Atomic Conversation

Mohamed El-Baradei, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency recently delivered his report on Iran’s nuclear program to the UN Security Council, asking for a “cool headed approach.” Iranian bloggers seem to agree says Farid Pouya in his rundown of online analysis, which includes one blogger’s suggestion that uranium enrichment be carried out in an autonomous, UN-governed zone.

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Children are Not Immune

Shaden Abdul Rahman wishes fellow Palestinian women a happy International Women’s Day “to highlight their struggle and show perseverance in fighting the Israeli occupation on one hand and the discrimination they face by Palestinian political and social authorities on the other.” One of those women is blog celebrity, Laila el-Haddad who describes meeting prime minister-designate, Ismail Haniyah. Protesting taxi drivers, child victims of an unmanned drone, and Roger Water’s Tel Aviv concert all await you in Abdul Rahman’s latest rundown.

Images from Brazil: “Don’t Shoot”

Brazilian photographer Tatiana Cardeal uses her intimate lens to capture a special moment between an up-and-coming Rio rap group (having just opened for the Rolling Stones) and the audience of police officers who are often terrorizing the favela where the group was founded.

Saudi Bloggers React to the Arrest of a Writer

“According to several Saudi blogs and forums, the Saudi authorities have arrested the Islamic intellectual Dr. Mohsen Al-Awaji after he published an article on the web, in which he criticized Ghazi Al-Gosaibi, the minister of labor.” So says Ahmed, writing from Riyadh, who goes on to list several websites have been blocked for publishing the article as well as what Saudi bloggers have to say about the incident.

Blogging in Yoruba, being a waitress in Armenia, a blocked Chinese blog after wolf was cried, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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