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March 20, 2006, 1:23 am
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Global Voices Online – Mar. 20, 2006

Views from the Horn of Africa and Sudan

More than eighteen months after former US Secretary of State Colin Powell declared genocide in Sudan, the mainstream media has largely forgotten the bloody conflict. Global Voices contributor Chippla Vandu, however, has not and offers readers a straight-forward summary of what expertise bloggers are saying about Darfur and the ongoing efforts to bring peace to the region, including a 300 mile walk by a former Sudanese slave and NBA basketball player. This plus a rundown of Ethiopian politics, poultry prices, and much needed rain in Somalia.

The Balkans: “Finally, the Post-Milosevic Era”

An era ended, writes Veronica Khokhlova, when former Yugoslav leader and war-crimes defendant, Slobadan Milosevic died of a heart attack in his prison cell in the Hague. Hear what the region’s bloggers have to say about the significance of his death and what the “Post-Milosevic Era” means for the Balkans and the International Criminal Court. Khokhlova ends her plentiful post with two interesting comments from Belarus; especially when taken in context of yesterday’s elections.

Who Won the Elections in El Salvador?

El Salvador’s long history of political polarization was only more pronounced by last Sunday’s elections. That was the analysis of leftist Salvadoran blogger “JJmar” last week as votes in San Salvador’s tightly contested mayoral race continued to be counted. Thanks to Juliana Rincón Parra’s translation, you can read first-hand what JJmar has to say about the future of El Salvador’s left.

The Week That Was in Bahrain

Car racing, jazz, and dance fill the Bahraini blogosphere this week. On the political side, Amira Al Hussaini links to two interesting perspectives on the recently released human rights report from the US State Department.

Buen Provecho!

Modern Irish cuisine, Australian oysters, and the best sandwich in Saigon. Yup, it’s time for another global food roundup from chef Melissa De Leòn Douglass.

Francophone African Bloggers on Social Mobility and Education

Take a glimpse inside Africa’s francophone blogosphere with Alice Backer’s translation of four thoughtful posts that deal with getting by, losing touch, selling out, and looking within.

This week in the Lebanese Blogosphere

And finally, from Lebanon, Mustapha gives brief notice to the continuing political debate before setting out to translate from Arabic a poetic dialogue between God and an angel as well as a blogger’s letter to her deceased father.

Belarus’ inaudible opposition, photos of freed Iranian journalist, Akbar Ganji, unethical journalism in Guyana, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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