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March 28, 2006, 3:32 pm
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Global Voices Online – Mar. 28, 2006

Polish Blogosphere Update

The blogger’s infamous critical eye turns inward in Poland this week where Jordan & Maria Seidel have summarized the latest offerings of the Polish blogosphere. Because let’s face it, your local paper hasn’t told you about the Yeti-like creature running around Southeastern Poland.

Arabisc: Moderate Muslim Voices

Haitham Sabbah takes readers into the Arabic-language blogosphere with translated excerpts from three Arab bloggers. Find out what an Egyptian student says about standing up for free speech, why a Kuwaiti is upset by his country’s religious intolerance, and what the latest trend is in Saudi novels.

The Charango Controversy

It seems that the charango, an Andean lute-like instrument, has become the vogue diplomatic gift in South America. But where did it originate and why is it causing unwanted conflict between Bolivia and Chile? Eduardo Ávila translates a post by Miguel Esquirol with the answers.

African Music Roundup #5

Obi Orjiekwe’s latest rundown of African music blogs includes tributes to Malian blues guitarist, Ali Farka Touré, who passed away last week at the age of 67. Speaking of Mali, find out why festival goers from all over Africa will be headed to Northern Mali in early September.

An interview with the the Armenia Country Director of the Norwegian Refugee Council, the rocky development of China’s anti-sexual harassment laws, what a woman wants in Yemen, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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