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March 30, 2006, 12:21 am
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Global Voices Online – Mar. 30, 2006

March 24 in the Argentinean Blogosphere

Last Friday marked the 30th anniversary of the coup which removed Eva Peron and installed Argentina’s long-lasting military dictatorship. Jorge Gobbi says that most Argentineans view the anniversary as a way to not let the past repeat itself, but just what lessons should be taken away is up for debate according to Gobbi’s summary of Argentine bloggers.

DRC: A Chat with Blogger Tony Katombe

When Francophone Editor Alice Backer sat down to interview Anthony Mica Katombe of the Democratic Republic of the Congo via instant messenger, she hardly could have expected that gunmen were surrounding his hometown of Kinshasa, Kofi Annan was visiting in person to check in on a rocky electoral process, and that a brief electrical outage would interrupt their chat. Regardless, they both withstood the obstacles and have an intriguing conversation to show for it. When asked why the DRC has a more active blogging community than neighboring countries, Katombe responds, “he who aches the most screams the loudest.”

Charles Taylor: As the Story Unfolds

When the Nigerian government promised to hand over Charles Taylor to be prosecuted at a UN Court in Sierra Leone for war crimes, the former Liberian president was declared missing from his asylum villa. He was then caught attempting to flee the country and has since landed in Sierra Leone where he will await trial. Chippla Vandu digests the vast quantity of commentary and analysis regarding Taylor’s attempted escape, Nigeria’s culpability, and what his trial could mean for the unstable region.

Dangdut music and dance in Singapore and all about Home

Who doesn’t love a cheesy love song from time to time? Especially an Indonesian love song at a Singaporean club. Preetam Rai’s latest post will not only teach you how to distinguish Dangdut from other musical genres of Southeast Asia, you’ll also be able to dance to it. And if you’re too shy for the dance floor, find out what one group of bloggers discovered on a cemetery tour.

Moroccan Arabic Blogs

Farah Kinani reports that language politics continue in Morocco’s blogosphere where several bloggers defend why they write in their chosen language. This week, however, Kinani decides to focus on blogs in Arabic, giving readers an introduction to their general topics

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

“Terrorist bombings just don’t happen in Bolivia,” begins Eduardo Ávila in his weekly Wednesday dispatch. Which is why last week’s explosions at two budget hotels in La Paz filled the Bolivian blogosphere with speculation of the culprits’ motives and connections. Several bloggers disapproved of Evo Morales’ conjecture that the United States could have been responsible.

Law students on the first anniversary of Kyrgyzstan’s Tulip Revolution, a brutal and horrific murder in Trinidad and Tobago, Vladimir Putin’s potentially plagiarized Ph.D. dissertation, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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