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April 11, 2006, 12:12 pm
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Global Voices Online – Apr. 10, 2006

Guilt-Free Food Blogs Review

I was just really very hungry is the title of one of the blogs held up for our culinary delight in this week’s global food roundup. Well I was very hungry indeed after reading through this collection of mouthwatering sweet and savouries – there’s nothing like a crisp exterior and a soft and juicy interior to send me racing out to find the nearest kumpati.

African women blogging this week

If you could take on a machine characteristic, what would you choose? Guessarrus has made poetry of her options. We hear (via audio file, of course) of a media star’s new book and visit the troubling topics of street harassment and what happens to women arrested in Zimbabwe. And my machine option? I’d like a faster processor and some more memory please.

Flying over the Iraqi Blogodrome

Iraq is proving a good example of the power of blogging since, as Salam Adil points out in his overview, citizens are often providing information about what’s happening in the country more efficiently than the mainstream media. And the story he cites is a new, and unofficial, restriction on the mainstream media itself. Fancy a stroll by the river? it’s an activity fraught with danger in Baghdad, but one way of seeing off danger is feed the neighbourhood stray dogs.

Nepal Movement, Day 3: Shoot At Sight Order and Day 2: Nepal Democracy Movement

The unfolding story of protests against the government in Nepal is being covered by bloggers, and we have the best of the links to text and pictures.

A plethora of political parties all with the same name in the DRC, kidnapping and murder in Venezuela, online recruiting for an Ethiopian armed oppostion movement, and much more can be found in today’s Global Updates.

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