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April 12, 2006, 2:46 pm
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Global Voices Online – Apr. 12, 2006

Peru’s First Round Elections

The race is for second place – who will take on Ollanta Humala in the next round? Peruvian bloggers tend not to support him, a populist candidate who admires President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and there is much anguish about who his next opponent might be, and analysis of how voters from outside the country could hold the key to the outcome.

Smog in Santiago

is topped by a panoramic view of what might be the beautiful Santiago valley – if we could but see it through the dirty grey-brown miasma settled across it. Read bloggers’ accounts of how it affects their lives, and I particularly like the comment about Santiago’s “static clouds”.

Traffic in Viet Nam

And while we’re on the subject of exhaust fumes we also hear about the increase in motor vehicles in Hanoi. Don’t miss the scary video!

Promoting books in Ukrainian

gives us a flavour of a blogger-activated campaign to encourage Ukrainians to read books in their own languages, with suggestions about how and where best publicly to read such books to encourage others, a debate about whether its a lack of will or a lack of books, and a comparison to linguistic history in Bolivia.

Under Pressure Journalists & Nuclear Crisis

gives us reaction from Iranian bloggers to news stories circulating in the US that President Bush is apparently considering using tactical nuclear missiles to target nuclear development sites in Iran. Also top of the bloggers’ agenda is the recent spate of threats against journalists in Iran.

A shadow government in Mongolia, exclusion of Slovenians from a video-hosting site, Aruban quadralingualism and much more can be found in today’s Global Updates.

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