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April 13, 2006, 12:39 pm
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Global Voices Online – Apr. 13, 2006

Polish Blogosphere Update

touches on the radio station “perpetually in somebody’s doctrinal doghouse”, marvels at the collective winter artistry of Warsaw’s dogs and advises on the correct approach to local shopkeepers.

Musings from some West African Blogs

gives us an update on the political instability in Guinea, shows us nepotism in (in)action, architects riffing on ways to supplement inadequate water utilities and shares in the celebration of marriage in Cameroon – and lots more.

The Moroccan blogosphere

reacts to the threat of laying off one of its members – blogging journalist Rachid Jankari successfully exposes financial impropriety on his blog but is told to take the post down by his employer. Moroccan bloggers flock to his support and repost the “offending” entry on their own blogs.

Today’s Global Updates expose racism in Russia with
Tajik worries about racist attacks on foreign workers in Russia and a protest rally in St. Petersburg after the recent murder of a Senegalese student. and follow the ongoing crisis in Nepal as violence contines and it hits the poor the hardest. There’s also the attempted assassination of a blogging politician in Kyrgyzstan, a review of a novel set in Tokyo which “reads like manga, sounds like hard techo and feels like some kind of fetish” and much more.

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