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April 19, 2006, 12:32 am
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Global Voices Online – Apr. 19, 2006

This week in Israel: Passover and a suicide bombing

Lisa N. Goldman’s planned compilation of passover posts was sadly interrupted by the recent suicide bombing at a Tel Aviv restaurant. Goldman herself was at the scene with camera in hand while other Israeli bloggers react with unsurprising sadness. For a break from the violence, check out how bloggers celebrated their festive seder meal.

Voices of African Women

Four African women seek acceptable solutions to unacceptable situations. Nish Matenjwa displays how the sentencing of Congolese soldiers convicted of rape, a repressive new bill against gays in Nigeria, the effect of colonialism on African women, and hateful writing in the Kenyan blogosphere all demand the insightful eyes and minds of Africa’s women bloggers.

Iran’s Nuclear Crisis, Persian Gulf Islands and Funds for Palestine

Iranian bloggers have plenty of controversy to consider these days. Farid Pouya breaks down the war of words regarding nuclear energy, Iran’s $50 million contribution to the Palestinian Authority, and a dispute with the United Arab Emirates over three small Gulf islands.

Belarus & Russia: Traffic Police Stories

We all have stories of our run-ins with local police. But few of them can probably compare to these tales of corruption and absurdity from Belarus and Russia. Veronica Khokhlova captures the sublime sarcasm of the former Soviet states in this collection of translated excerpts.

Bill Gates’ bankrupt Chinese etiquette, the King of Nepal’s newfound diplomacy, a brief window into Kenya’s parliament, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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