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April 26, 2006, 1:35 am
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Global Voices Online – Apr. 26, 2006

Dahab Spring Tears

By now we have surely all heard about the bomb explosions which left up to 30 dead in the coastal village of Dahab during the Egyptian holiday of Sham an Nessim. But we had yet to hear the responses of ordinary Egyptians. Will Sinai Bedouins or Israelis be considered the main suspects behind the bombings? Will the government rule out al-Qaida to save the tourism industry? Should Minister of the Interior Habib al Adly be fired? Is the government to blame? Haitham Sabbah seeks answers to all these questions and more as he summarizes Egyptian commentary following the bloody attacks.

Nepal Revolution: Victory

Over the past week we have witnessed the daily dispatches of Nepalese bloggers as they have reported on what Paramendra Bhagat calls “a landmark in the country’s history … a victory for non violence, for democracy.” Protests have turned to celebration as King Gyanendra has agreed to reinstate parliament. But the show is far from over. How will the Maoists react? What does it mean for the Madheshi people of Southern Nepal? What is the road map of the new Nepal? Bhagat seeks the answers in a post he is clearly relieved to have finally written.

Travel India: Different Flavors

Travelers – both domestic and foreign – can add a unique perspective to the dialogue and description of where they journey. Mridula Dwivedi takes readers for a tour of India and Nepal as we peer through the portrayals painted by wandering bloggers.

Image from Haiti: Sell Art, Support a School

Alice Backer posts one of many works of art that are auctioned off in New York to help build and fund schools in Haiti. Click above to read more details about the project.

African Music #7

Sudanese rap, the African dancehall movement, and dub poetry. That’s right, it could only mean Obi Orjiekwe’s African music roundup. Here are some fresh tracks to get you through the rest of the work week.

Elections’ Race Between “Two Lefts”

Teodoro Petkoff, Editor of Venezuela’s daily newspaper Tal Cual and former guerilla fighter against the dictatorial government of Rómulo Betancourt, has announced his candidacy in the December presidential elections. Though Petkoff may have to first win opposition primaries, Venezuelan contributor Iria Puyosa calls the would-be election a “race between ‘two lefts'” as she gauges Venezuelan bloggers’ feverish response to the announcement.

Voices from Central Asia and the Caucasus

From Armenia to Uzbekistan, Ben Paarmann is back with another comprehensive look at Central Asian cyberspace. A small sample reveals an English comedian’s unlikely defender in Kazakhstan, the near-murder of an outspoken blogger in Kyrgyzstan, a Mongolian protester that set himself afire, and a lively conversation about Islam in Uzbekistan.

Bloggers react to Colombo bomblast

Sadly, Egypt is not alone in experiencing bomb explosions. Though much less disastrous and deadly, an explosion yesterday in front of a military hospital in Colombo did seriously injure an Army Commander. Mahangu Weerasinghe links to the reactions by Sri Lankan bloggers.

Zimbabwe’s youthful lack of patriotism, what Tajikstan stands to gain from an Indian foreign military base, recent Taliban suicide attacks in Afghanistan, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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