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April 28, 2006, 4:24 pm
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Global Voices Online – Apr. 28, 2006

Some Excerpts from West Afrcan Blogs

In Imnakoya’s curation of West African punditry, we find disgust towards government corruption, but also distrust of corporate privatization. Flourishing institutional structures highlight Benin as “undeniably one of Africa’s most successful stories in liberal or electoral democracy” and a Nigerian opens his arms to China’s interest in African oil.

Polish Blogosphere Update

It’s around the middle of the night here and my browser is refreshing automatically every 10 seconds. On my screen is a busy Polish street corner in real time. It’s morning there and a man in a blue shirt is talking animatedly to the kiosk employee. Quick, read Jordan & Maria Seidel’s latest summary of the Polish blogosphere and you too will be able to see the man in the blue shirt wave his arms frantically. If only he could see us. If only we could all wave at him together. Also, check out the government repatriation publicity plan to get Polish pipes plumbed and buildings built.

Barber Shop in Lomut, West Pokot, Kenya

The saying goes that a US quarter can’t buy you anything these days, not even one-tenth a liter of gasoline. It will, however, buy you a battery powered haircut in Lomut, Kenya on Saturdays. From the looks of this picture, it’s a quarter well spent.

48 Missing Detainees Wrongly Identified

In 1991 when 124 bodies were of “desaparecidos” from the Pinochet dictatorship were found, 96 were identified, giving their families the closure of a proper burial. Last week, however, 48 of those families were notified that the identification process was flawed and mistaken. Rosario Lizana gauges the reaction by bloggers of the newly opened wound, the media’s portrayal, and who is at fault.

China’s scramble for Africa, a key Belorussian opposition leader jailed, a Chinese sex-blogger starts podcasting, remembering the Armenian genocide, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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