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April 29, 2006, 11:38 pm
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Global Voices Online – Apr. 29 – 30, 2006

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

Finally, Iraq has a new Prime Minister in Jawad Al-Maliki. But how are Iraqi bloggers reacting to the little known Shiite politician and his stated aims? Find out what they say was his first mistake and why diarrhea should be avoided on Fridays in Salam Adil’s report.

Pulse of the Saudi Blogosphere

It sounds to good to be true, but “The Mighty Camels” is in fact an ice hockey team in the United Arab Emirates. This from the mother of a young hockey player in Saudi Arabia. For the more traditional of sports fans, check out what two bloggers have to say about their country’s chances in this year’s World Cup in Ahmed Al-Omran’s comprehensive rundown of Saudi bloggers.

West Indian literature online

Nicholas Laughlin ends his introduction to West Indian literature online by quoting Ezra Pound: “Literature is news that stays news.” I couldn’t agree more; in an era when news reports, press releases, and advertisements all carry the same tone, literature teaches us not just about our society, but also ourselves. Laughlin introduces us to two Caribbean writers of science fiction, a Florida-based Jamaican writer who has been recently blogging about other Caribbean writers, and a Guyanese blogger whose “Creolese” musings “often penetrate to the heart of contemporary Guyana–and the contemporary Caribbean–more directly, more deeply, more movingly than tens of thousands of words of commentary and analysis and opinion written by the pundits and the self-appointed experts.”

Riots and panic in East Timor

Violence broke out in East Timor’s capital city on Friday, explained by the mainstream media as un-peaceful protests by nearly 600 newly unemployed soldiers. But several Timorese bloggers say that other elements are at play. Preetam Rai runs through the rumors, theories, and lamentations.

Media censorship in Russia, Mexico’s presidential elections, conserving Argali sheep in Mongolia, lessons from Chernobyl, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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