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May 1, 2006, 10:53 am
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Global Voices Online – May 1, 2006

What Salvadoran bloggers are saying — abortion and gay marriage

Tim Luterano starts off the month of May with a Salvadoran discussion on gay marriage and abortion. A New York Times Magazine article on El Salvador’s strict pro-life policy prompts bloggers and commenters on all sides of the issue to make their voice heard. Meanwhile, an proposed constitutional amendement could put an end to the possibility of gay marriage as early as today.

Belarus: Support for Jailed Opposition Leaders

Following an April 26th march, opposition leader Aleksandr Milinkevich and other politicians were jailed. Belorussian bloggers – some of whom were jailed themselves during the March protests – are discussing ways to gather more support for the out-of-the-public-eye opposition.

Man and anthill (Guyana)

Rupununi, Guyana, besides having an awesome name, also has gigantic anthills. Seriously.

The Lebanese Bloggers Last Week: looking outside and building bridges

Fed up with the talk shop rhetoric of Lebanon’s much-trumpeted “National Dialogue,” Lebanese bloggers are focusing their sights and insights on regional issues like the Iranian nuclear stalemate, the Dahab bombings in Egypt, and bridge-building with Israel’s blogosphere.

DRC: T.I. Petition & Elections Debate

While the delayed election date of July 30th has now been set, bloggers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo say that it’s going to take more than just votes to conquer the corruption, poverty, and exploitation that has been endemic to the country’s recent past. But the bloggers don’t necessarily agree on what is needed. From more international participation, to armed resistance, to a steady work-week, Alice Backer translates the sundry suggestions to English.

The Boycott from Both Sides of the Border

A happy May Day to all. In the United States, where Labor Day falls in September, the day has been dubbed “the Great American Boycott” in commemoration of the contributions by immigrants and in protest of a legislative proposal that would have criminalized undocumented immigrants. The boycott is also being observed in Mexico and throughout Latin America, where many are calling for a one-day boycott of American products. But how effective will the consumption-less day be in achieving protesters’ goals? Bloggers on both sides of the border debate the cause.

The rejected appeal of a jailed Iranian blogger, Chinese discovery of the summer of ’89, a calmer scene in East Timor, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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