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May 3, 2006, 3:56 pm
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Global Voices Online – May 3, 2006

Education in India: Different Voices

Do you remember those high school and college nights of cramming for exams and walking on burning coals? OK, me neither. But, “walking on fire” is a technique used by some “coaching institutes” in India to inspire students that are studying for competitive entrance exams. For a reflection on the en vogue motivational strategy, check out Mridula Dwivedi’s report on education in India.

Broadening Blogging in Africa by Radio

Despite some criticisms that blogging is too complex and that an internet connection is still a luxury in much of the world, the BBC program Network Africa sat down with three African bloggers to find that the global phenomenon has also taken root throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Rachel Rawlins has posted the audio of the instructive conversation with Sokari Ekine, Mshairi, and Mwai Kasamale.

Image from Martinique: Fort-de-France

Alice Backer posts photographic evidence that May in Martinique is off to a lovely start.

Global Voices at the We Media Global Forum

Though lacking in gold embossment, please consider this a welcome and enthusiastic invitation to participate in the second annual We Media Global Forum, just now getting underway. The theme of conference is “trust” and I hope that each one of you can be trusted to make your voices heard. The chat room is already filling up with lots of Global Voices contributors. Find out why at least one blogger is turned off by the conference logo in Rachel Rawlins’ introduction to the event.

Workers, Women, Ahmadinejad & Ayatollahs

May 1st was a busy day in Iran. A protest in front of the American embassy turned violent. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad permitted women to attend football matches in stadiums and even recognized the right of workers to unionize. But contributor Farid Pouya reminds us that just recently striking bus drivers were beaten and arrested in his recap of the Iranian blogosphere.

Bloggers Against Vandals’ Disorders on May 1

May Day protests also occurred in Santiago, Chile and they also turned violent as masked vandals infiltrated the peaceful demonstrations to deface businesses and cause chaos. Rosario Lizana shows that Chilean bloggers are intent on separating the peaceful protesters from the delinquents.

A gay rights petition in Iran, Mongolia’s flag on the high seas, May Day skinheads in Russia, bridging the gap between English and Tamil blogs and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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