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May 5, 2006, 12:33 am
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Global Voices Online – May 5, 2006

Russia: Stories From a St. Petersburg Hospital

There is no better way to introduce Veronica Khokhlova’s translation of a series of posts by a mother nursing her son to health in a St. Petersburg hospital than to offer a glimpse of her expressive and eye-opening description: “Now we are told to bring not just our own cup but a SPOON, too. Why? Because if they were giving their own spoons, they’d have to WASH them afterwards. And now, theoretically, it’s the patient’s visitors who are doing this. But visitors aren’t staying 24 hours in [the traumatology department] – the patients here aren’t recovering from strokes… Relatives come at dinner time – and wash the spoon. And it’ll stay unwashed for breakfast and for lunch.”

We Media conference update

Rachel Rawlins continues her habit of bringing us good news. Nitin Desai, the Special Assistant to the UN Secretary General and Chair of the UN’s Working Group on Internet Governance, has agreed to take part in a Skype and IRC chat with the Global Voices community. Details will be made available when they are finalized.

China: May Fourth Movement missed

“This is a great nation which abandons its young and its dreams.” So ends the poem “Mourning May Fourth Youth Day” by Wu Zuolai and translated by John Kennedy. Though blogging on the May Fourth Movement was light in China yesterday, another blogger commented on how the Beijing-based movement led not only to Chinese nationalism, but also sparked a literary revolution.

May Day malcontents in China, a Serbian pro-Europe rally planned by SMS, secular tourism in Saudi Arabia, an orthodox Sufi women’s movement founded in Syria and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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