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May 9, 2006, 1:40 am
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Global Voices Online – May 9, 2006

Voices of African Women

Sharing personal histories and points of view online has had a tangible impact on some African women. As one blogger comments: “It is incredible that people are actually talking about [domestic abuse], considering the pressure to be silent and keep things “within the family” in nigerian culture, religious or not. I think the reason more people are speaking about violence is that they have seen others do so and are starting to realise that violence against women/children is not as “normal” as they have been taught/pressured to believe.” Sokari Ekine has more excerpts from this diverse and thoughtful community.

Alaa detained for 15 days “pending investigation”

In the first of two posts about jailed Egyptian blogger, political activist, and open source developer, Alaa Ahmed Seif al-Islam, Haitham Sabbah takes the pulse of an outraged Egyptian blogosphere unable to do anything more for their friend and colleague than spread the news of his unexplained detention. Sabbah’s rundown includes a post from Alaa’s wife about the initial length of his sentence and which prison he is headed to. Also, a fellow blogger’s unfortunate foreshadowing of Alaa’s arrest.

Internet Censorship in Pakistan

It turns out we were premature in our celebration of Pakistan’s brief removal of a block on all weblogs. “The block is back in place yet again” says Khalid Omar in a post that will get you up to date on the state of internet censorship in Pakistan.

Afghan Whispers: To Celebrate or not!

The anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Kabul has Afghan bloggers pondering the legacy of the Mujahedeen and debating whether or not the victory of the religious insurgents should be celebrated. Farid Pouya presents us with the arguments.

Peru: Toward the Second Round

Peru’s second round presidential elections will soon put either nationalist Ollanta Humala or leftist Alan García into power. Some commentators advocate abstention, calling the vote a choice between bad and worse. But others refer to such dismissals as reactionary and choose to focus instead on topics such as the nationalization of Peru’s natural resources. Juan Arellano has a brief compilation of the arguments circulating Peru’s Spanish-speaking blogosphere.

Kifaya Under Arrest

Writing from Brooklyn, New York, but with his heart very much at home in Cairo, Elijah Zarwan adds to Haitham Sabbah’s description of the arrest of 11 pro-Kifaya activists. According to several accounts, the state of free speech in Egypt has hit an all-time low. Sadly, the near-future does not bode well as the May 25th anniversary of the constitutional amendment referendum could spark both an increase in protests and police oppression. Visit Zarwan’s excellent summary to read how the crackdown might backfire against the Egyptian government.

Kashmir in photos and poems, a controversial fire at the Iraqi oil ministry, Brunei’s bilingualism and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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