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May 19, 2006, 1:38 am
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Global Voices Online – May 19, 2006

Podcast: An interview with Eduardo Avila

Kamla Bhatt sat down with Global Voices Bolivia contributor, Eduardo Ávila at the WeMedia conference in London where they discussed the Bolivian blogosphere, Evo Morales’ nationalization of hydrocarbons, and Eduardo’s time in Bolivia, Oklahoma, and Washington D.C. Here’s a chance to get to know one of Global Voices’ regular contributors while listening to the podcast as you sit in traffic, jog in the park, or type away at your computer.

Nigeria’s Failed Constitutional Amendment

Chippla Vandu describes a controversial constitutional amendment which would have lengthened the presidential time in office from two to three four-year-terms. “Few issues in Nigeria have generated as much debate in the blogosphere as that of amending the constitution to allow the incumbent president contest an election that may have seen him serve an extra term in office.” Though the majority of bloggers argued aggressively against the proposal, Vandu links to some interesting arguments in favor of a potential third term by President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Mexico: Violence and Backlash in San Salvador Atenco

On May 3rd, in a small town just an hour and a half from Mexico City, violent riots broke out resulting in 200 arrests, 50 injured police officers, and one dead 14-year-old boy. But the obvious questions remain: what started the confrontation? What were federal police doing in the town to begin with? Why did the English-language press barely mention the story? This post hopes to expand on these as-of-yet unanswered questions by linking to the various and conflicting explanations of journalists, bloggers, and government officials.

Advocacy: Help protect global bloggers

For three months now we have been writing with increasing despair about the detention of East Asia Regional Editor Hao Wu by Chinese authorities. More recently, Egyptian blogger Alaa Abd El Fatah was also imprisoned during a peaceful protest in Cairo. As Rachel Rawlins reminds many of us who take our freedom to blog for granted, others are at risk of running into trouble with their governments for what they write. With the aim of greater advocacy for bloggers – current and future – who are unjustly detained while promoting freedom of speech, Global Voices has created a new page dedicated to tracking current cases and a wiki to brainstorm new projects. Please help spread the message by putting our new advocacy badge on your own blog.

Blogspot blogs blocked in Ethiopia, an erupting volcano in Indonesia, remembering Zimbabwe’s devastating Murambatsvina, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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