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May 21, 2006, 11:48 pm
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Global Voices Online – May 22, 2006

Zimbabwe: Remembering Murambatsvina

This is Zimbabwe, a blog of the Sokwanele Civic Action Support Group, ensures that the misery spread by last year’s Murambatsvina in Zimbabwe won’t be forgotten. Sokari Ekine explains in words and pictures.

Flying over the Iraqi Blogodrome…

Salam Adil presents us with one very convincing and bleak portrait of today’s Iraq: “There is a common theme flowing like a whisper through the Iraqi blogs. In a phrase: ‘Where is the government?'” Whether it’s security, electricity, or health care, these everyday citizens are without the basic standards that governments are meant to provide. And worse if you are female – as we are told of militias shaving heads of women found not wearing headscarves, shooting a woman for driving, and killing three others for wearing trousers. Also, the “relatively good news” for gay Iraqi men that curiously does not apply to lesbians.

China: MSN users locked out, speak out

Previously reported on Global Voices by Frank Dai, Chinese MSN users continue to have problems logging onto both their MSN Spaces weblogs and instant messenger due to technical problems after Microsoft shifted its Passport login process to Applicable to the debate on net neutrality, John Kennedy brings us translations of posts by frustrated Chinese internet users.

Image from Ukraine: “Waterbottle Football”

Football fever is heating up across the globe as this year’s World Cup approaches. Veronica Khokhlova has posted a heartwarming photograph of a very improvisational game of “waterbottle football” in Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains.

The Movie “Da Vinci Code” in South East Asia

It’s so easy to forget that the world of weblogs is still in its nascent infancy. Only now is the tech-centric focus giving way to a more representative discussion that mirrors what a teahouse eavesdropper would hear in Kinshasa, Minsk, or Montevideo. And only now do we experience real time reactions to global events by an emerging community of everyday internet users eager to share their perspectives. We saw it in the days following the 2004 Asian tsunami. To some extent, a global conversation also took place a year ago with the release of Star Wars Episode III. This weekend it happened once again as bloggers the world over reacted to international release of the Da Vinci Code. Preetam Rai has the response from South East Asia.

Turkey is Typing….

Turkey’s fragile balance between Islam and secularism was tested once again last week when a gunman entered the country’s high court and killed a judge. Deborah Ann Dilley explains the debate that it has inspired.

Volcanic activity in Montserrat, Nepal’s revived democracy, Hungary’s Prime Minister side steps the Da Vinci Code, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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