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May 24, 2006, 12:33 am
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Global Voices Online – May 24, 2006

Riots in Sao Paulo: Prison cells and cell phones

One week ago South America’s largest city, Sao Paulo, was consumed by gang violence coordinated via cell phone by prison inmates. Jose Murilo Junior gives us the appropriate context and analysis to understand both how the violence developed and how it was dealt with. One blogger explains, for example, “in Rio de Janeiro there is close contact between privilege and poverty which does not happen here. What differentiates São Paulo is its urban expansion model, which left the poor crowds on the margins of the city. It created a central privileged zone kept orderly by the control of public authorities and a periphery that was invisible. INVISIBLE… Until now!!!!”

Afghan Whispers: Parliament Talk & Media

In a story that has yet to enter the international press, Farid Pouya presents us with translations of two bloggers’ descriptions of a tirade by Afghan MP Malai Joya on Monday against Mujahedeen deputies who have gained unjust wealth while other war veterans are left handicapped.

African Music #9

From a Swahili song featured on a computer game to the Central African Republic’s ban on misogynistic lyrics to a compilation of music by Ugandan Jews, Obi Orjiekwe impresses once again with this, the 9th edition of the African Music Roundup.

Edible Blog Report

Moving from music maestoso to global gastronomy, chef Melissa De Leòn Douglass puts pangs in our paunch with a post full of delicious items including Indian food in Malaysia, pre-Colombian vegetarian food from Mexico, and Chinese food in Panama.

Arabisc: Update on Detained Egyptian Bloggers

Haitham Sabbah, updating readers on the status of the Egyptian bloggers and activists who were detained a month ago during a peaceful protest, is able to offer some relatively good news: two of the bloggers have been set free. Visit the post to find out who they are and what’s being done to get the others out.

Cartoon, Insecurity & Media

A sensitive cartoon has once again inspired anger and protest in the Middle East, but this time the cartoon was published by an Iranian state-controlled newspaper and offended the minority Azeri community. See Farid Pouya’s excellent collection of opinions for the story. Also, who’s behind the recent violence in Southeastern Iran? And will religious minorities have to adopt distinct colour schemes to make them identifiable in public?

Muscovites in Kyiv: Pizza Delivery Fiasco

In Kyiv, pizza delivery service is absolutely undeveloped. At least according to Russian emigre who recently set up a LiveJournal community for the many Moscow natives living in Ukraine’s capital. Veronica Khokhlova has the complete translation.

Chilean Bloggers Update

Rosario Lizana reports that a common thread was missing from Chile’s cyber-conversation this week, but she is able to come up with an interesting hodgepodge of links nonetheless, including one blogger’s documentation of Chile’s largest daily paper use of bloggers’ photographs without attribution.

Pessimistic thoughts on Montenegro, China’s muslim-dominated Xinjiang province, Jamaican and Haitian mangos, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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