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May 25, 2006, 2:48 pm
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Global Voices Online – May 25, 2006

Global Voices Podcast #1

The global voices have become audible! Literally, thanks to the excellent production work of Caribbean Editor Georgia Popplewell, we are able to travel around the world in less than 17 minutes and listen in on podcasts from South Africa, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and beyond. Undoubtedly, the best 17 minutes you’ll spend today.

Pakistan: Blog-o-Aggregator

Omer Alvie, one of Global Voices most humorous and self-admittedly laziest contributors, has just made his job much easier by developing an aggregator of Pakistani blogs. And for those who prefer recommendations to happenstance, Alvie offers his hand-picked links for the week.

Action-Packed Week in India

A range of issues were competing for the attention of India’s bloggers this past week writes Kamla Bhatt in her rundown of commentary on stock market meltdown, school quotas, and Da Vinci Code debate. She will also let you in on why the police department was put on “suicide watch” and how a certain detective was able to bridge Baker Street and Bangalore.

Kurdistance: What’s Montenegro Got to Do With It?

Many watched and read with interest as Montenegro, the former republic of Yugoslavia, became the world’s newest country earlier this week. But Kurdish bloggers viewed the self-proclaimed independence with what Deborah Ann Dilley describes as “mixed feelings,” comparing the development to their own struggle for an independent state.

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

It wasn’t long after Evo Morales’ May 1st nationalization of Bolivia’s hydrocarbons that another presidential decree was penned; this time promoting land reform. Eduardo Ávila has Bolivian bloggers’ reactions as well as an unfolding controversy involving Bolivian gas sold to Chile through Argentina and a hung-over football team who will be watching this year’s World Cup from the living room.

India’s collaborative, blogger-musicians, video’s of village life in Ukraine, Evo Morales’ bid for reelection, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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