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May 31, 2006, 1:42 am
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Global Voices Online – May 31, 2006

Colombia: President Uribe Reelected in Landslide

In what has already been a massively busy year of elections throughout Latin America, Colombians went to the polls on Sunday and reelected President Álvaro Uribe for a second term. Though Uribe won in a large landslide, many of Colombia’s bloggers chose to reflect on the unexpected gain by the leftist party and the legacy issue of high abstention.

From the West African Blogosphere

David Ajao, sampling the blogs of West Africa, gives us a glimpse of exams in Ghana, Bird Flu in Burkina Faso, politics in the Gambia, and more. Find out what will most likely cost the third poorest nation US $10 million.

Voices from Central Asia and the Caucasus

Far too much goodness in Ben Paarmann’s delayed cyber-review of Central Asia and the Caucasus to summarize in just a few lines. This one was well worth the wait as we are let in on aggressive hospitality in Georgia, media restriction in Armenia, the militarization of the Caspian Sea, continued protests in Kyrgyzstan, springtime photos of Tajikstan, and much more.

Indonesia: Earthquake Relief

In the first of two blog posts today on how you can help make a difference for the tens of thousands affected by the earthquake in Java, Indonesia, Preetam Rai explains the Java Quake Help Wiki, which is seeking volunteers to help with content, translation, and publicity. Also, photos of the relief operation by an Australian exchange student.

Russia: “And You Call It A Gay [Pride] Parade?”

A controversial gay pride parade took place in Moscow’s streets this past weekend to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Russia. That commemoration, however, turned into violence when “Orthodox Christians, Russian ultra-nationalists and skinheads attacked a handful of gays who showed up by the Kremlin to put flowers to the Unknown Soldier Memorial.” The incident was captured dramatically by one Russian photoblogger and then inspired an active online conversation about the riots and what can be done to increase tolerance in Russian society. Veronica Khokhlova has all the links and translations.

India: films, cricket and monsoons and more…

One Indian blogger’s post title seems to clearly sum up the pace of conversation taking place in the subcontinent’s blogosphere: “coffee can inspire the crap out of you.” Kamla Bhatt condenses the graphomania into a digestible portrait of admittance quotas, Da Vinci Code controversy, cricket speculation, and an early monsoon arrival. Not to mention, the strange Italian theme in this rundown of all things Indian.

How to Help Indonesia Earthquake Victims

The death toll from the Indonesian earthquake now exceeds 5,000. A. Fatih Syuhud points readers in the direction of updated blogs and relief organizations where you can donate money and stay abreast of humanitarian news.

Latest in the Francophone Caribbean Blogosphere

Alice Backer finishes up another prolific day on Global Voices with a collection of translated excerpts from the Francophone Caribbean. Guadeloupe feels the tensions from a strike by the General Union of Guadeloupean Workers. Haiti sees the inauguration of President Preval. Martinique has mixed feelings on the marginalization of lesbians. And French Guianese who fought against the Germans in WWII are remembered by a Martiniquan filmmaker in his newest documentary.

Privatization in Saint Lucia, a fire burns through historic Armenia, Latvia’s upcoming gay pride parade, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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