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June 14, 2006, 12:03 am
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Global Voices Online – June 15, 2006

West African blogs round-up

They are the small recurring events which serve as bookmarks and measuring sticks for our lives: the arrival of the rainy season, the nostalgic memories of previous World Cups. There are new ideas in evolving democracies like the participation of independent candidates. And there are the unspeakable atrocities such as torture, which has somehow managed to persist into the 21st century. David Ajao covers them all in this review of West African weblogs.

China: Revolution’s victims’ stories blogged, not forgotten (1/4)

What is the history of China’s conservative right wing? Under-researched, certainly. Which is why Ran Yunfei from Sichuan province is leading a movement to better document the right’s legacy in China, especially during the Cultural Revolution. John Kennedy has translated a presentation by Ran Yunfei, which offers a revealing look into Chinese intellectualism, forgotten history, and research methodology. As the victims of China’s Cultural Revolution delve into old age, an inspired group of researchers and bloggers is ensuring that their stories aren’t forgotten.

Kurdistance: Wednesday?

Video lovers will appreciate Deborah Ann Dilley’s most recent review of the Kurdish blogosphere, which includes links to video clips that pick you up, make you think, and make you laugh.

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

Bolivia is less than three weeks from electing its first 255-member constituent assembly, but bloggers in the country see little evidence of active campaigning. Will the new exercise in democracy give greater voice to all sectors of Bolivian society or merely cause more conflict between them? Eduardo Avila gauges bloggers’ positions.

Global Voices in Chinese!

Global Voices has long excelled at bringing the world’s diverse and dispersed conversations to one central meeting place. Unfortunately, those valuable exchanges take place mostly in English. So it is a milestone achievement when Rebecca MacKinnon announces that Taiwanese blogger Portnoy has launched Global Voices in Chinese, bringing our content to readers of the most understood language in the world. It is our highest hope that Portnoy’s project may serve as a model for future efforts to translate Global Voices content into other languages.

What had been Lahore’s only Hindu temple, China’s iPod sweatshops, Amman on Zarqawi, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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