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June 17, 2006, 1:06 pm
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Global Voices Online – June 17, 2006

The Discussion Around the “Argentinean Country Brand”

When we hear “national marketing campaign” rarely do we think of the nation itself, but branding a country has become paramount for countries vying for investment and tourism in the global marketplace. Of course, representing a nation’s essence, and perhaps its hope, is no easy task as Jorge Gobbi relates in this summary of Argentine bloggers’ mixed reactions to a previewed glimpse of their country’s new logo.

Arabisc: The Arabic Bloggers Ken, Media, Anti-Blogging and the World Cup

Could it be true? A specific blogging watchdog office within Egypt’s State Security Offices? If the medium is the message, then the free speech nature of weblogs is obviously seen as a potent threat to Egypt’s authoritarian government. Also in Haitham Sabbah’s rundown of the Arabic blogging community: more reaction to the Gaza Beach Tragedy, “Wallism” in Morocco, and Google News in Arabic.

Indonesia: World Cup Fever & Minister Blog

Indonesia, despite never reaching the tournament as an independent country, is following this year’s World Cup just like the rest of the world. A. Fatih Syuhud summarizes Indonesian perspectives on the games and introduces the country’s first blog by a federal minister.

Ukraine, Russia: Dreams of a Biased Person

I have read that the difference between bloggers and journalists is that the bloggers admit their biases. Veronica Khokhlova translates a post by a Ukrainian blogger who, despite her prejudiced feelings towards Russia, wants nothing more than peace and good will between the two countries.

Deadly anti-mining protests in Mongolia, Reunion’s Cirque de Mafate, implications and origins of Japanese Kawaii, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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