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June 19, 2006, 1:13 am
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Global Voices Online – June 19, 2006

Truth and Consequences

More than 40 days have passed since Global Voices first published about the detention of Egyptian bloggers including cyber-activist, Alaa Abd El-Fatah. This is not the first time bloggers in Egypt have been arrested for what they have published online, notes Elijah Zarwan, but unlike last year’s arrest of Abd al-Karim Suleiman, this time around the world is watching. How will the Egyptian government respond to the new online agitators and their globally distributed watchdogs?

China: Blogs for the ladies and the superstars

When you think of the next billion internet users, it’s a safe bet that a large percentage will connect from China. Already, as John Kennedy relates, some of the most popular Chinese bloggers attract readerships of tens, sometimes hundreds, of thousands. But what makes these alpha(female)-bloggers so popular? Kennedy translates three recent posts to give English readers an idea.

Turkey is Typing…

“The global game” has become the focus of global conversation and Turkish bloggers, like most, have their eyes set on Germany and this year’s World Cup. Deborah Ann Dilley has the football rundown and also points us to a campaign by some Turkish bloggers to help an injured countryman return home from the United States.

From Kingdom of Cambodia to United States of America

Long time readers of Global Voices have good reason to stereotype young Cambodian bloggers as intelligent, ambitious, and hard-working. ThaRum Bun gives us even more evidence to support the claim in this interview with Fulbright scholar and blogger, Somongkol Teng.

Haiti: Telecom Wars

What will Jamaica-based, Caribbean telecom giant, Digicel bring to the island of Haiti? Improved coverage? Cheaper prices? More jobs? Regulatory wars? A lack of network interoperability? According to the lucid translations of Haitian blog posts by Alice Backer, the answer could very well be yes to all of the above. And to top it off, in the background of the Caribbean controversy lies the global ambitions of an Irish company and its British competitor. This post is a must read for anyone interested in how a multinational corporation makes waves in a small domestic market half way across the world.

Cricket in New Caledonia, voodoo with a click of the mouse, the World Cup team representing a country that does not exist, and much more can be found in today’s Global Roundups.

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